Retail Business Intelligence Solutions

The Challenge

The retail industry is highly competitive, with low entry barriers making it difficult to keep track of competitors and customers. To increase revenues and margins, you can either spend hours poring over catalogues and marketing materials or use an effective retail business intelligence system to track and predict customer activity.

Pain Points/The Opportunity

Estimating market sentiment across communication touchpoints is difficult without the right technical tools. Hence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is becoming increasingly important in retail. By enabling the NLP algorithmic functionality, retailers can get a unique view of customer and market information. However, businesses find NLP difficult to decipher, besides applying it to their retail platform to obtain the necessary results.

The Goal

What PredictiVu can do:

Use predictive analytics to create customised Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for market research, pricing and sentiment analysis of products, which will provide market insights and in-depth trend information. The customised tool can automate the collection and analysis of product reviews and assist retailers in better understanding their market to avoid pitfalls.

Develop a solid NLP model for retail businesses that will combine structured and unstructured data using APIs for data analysis. Our technology enables sentiment analysis, which aids retailers in determining whether or not to promote a particular product.


The Results

Analysing real-time user data to gain actionable insights.

Analysing real-time user data to gain actionable insights.

Analysing real-time user data to gain actionable insights.

Working on data visualization to recognise new patterns.

Gaining sentiment analysis accuracy from 80% to 91%.

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