Leverage business analytics to predict
future events

How business analytics can transform businesses

Organisations have embraced the use of analytics to optimise workflows and streamline operations. However, implementing analytics data that guides intelligent business decisions can be quite complex. Analytics data is everywhere, therefore being effective in the market requires the ability to sift through it to uncover what is relevant and valuable to your organisation. This is where business analytics can transform this knowledge into actionable insights.

Refine business strategy with business analytics by PredictiVu

By examining existing and streaming data, business analytics enables organisations to seize opportunities and address their data related issues. Data analytics can help organisations spot certain patterns, trends, and relationships. An organisation can employ analytics to boost revenue growth or profit in addition to addressing problems with sales and product design. Business analytics helps organisations cut down on both short and long-term risks.

Our approach to business analytics

PredictiVu enables organisations to interpret historical data and key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify trends and patterns for a holistic look of what happened in the past and what is happening currently using data aggregation and data mining techniques. Once the likelihood of the event and its underlying causes has been determined, algorithms are used for classification and regression. In this work, PredictiVu employs statistics to create models using predictive analytics. Organisations can foresee results and make informed decisions using these models.




Marketing and Sales Analytics
Using business analytics, companies can target client needs and enhance user experience by concentrating their messaging or timing a specific product or service.
Customer Analytics
With customer analytics, businesses can use customer behaviour data through market segmentation and predictive analytics to offer important business choices.
Risk Analytics
Risk analytics and compliance helps companies by collecting all the data they possess and evaluating it using statistical algorithms to find patterns and anomalies to discover incidences like policy violations, fraud, and other misconduct.
Supply Chain Analytics
Supply chain analytics allows organisations to gain insight and extract value from the vast amount of data related to production, processing, and delivery of goods.
Dashboarding and Visualisation
By tracking, analysing, and displaying KPIs, metrics, and important data points, businesses may use business intelligence to better understand their operations and make more informed decisions.

Benefits of business analytics

Business analytics can boost marketing productivity by 15% to 20% by enhancing data that aids in better marketing decisions.

According to statistics, 55% of businesses use data analysis to discover customer information, boost productivity, trade off risks and enhance project management to foresee changes and consequences.

With instant access to transactional and behavioural data and real time reports of standard KPIs, it helps uncover sales opportunities and potential revenue.

Businesses can make decisions 5 times faster using data analytics.


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