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Improved analytical techniques and tools have significantly increased the decision- making capacity of company leaders in recent years. However, despite the fact that advanced analytics can boost growth and marketing return on investment (MROI), businesses appear to be nearly immobilised by the options available. MROI is an important statistic, but it’s not always simple for businesses to track the ROI of each individual marketing activity, especially in the absence of two-way information exchange. Moreover, without automated processes, businesses find it challenging to measure marketing initiatives as they are continual. Besides, there must be a defined start and end date to analyse marketing ROI.
As a result, company executives frequently choose just one method for performance management and planning. Without a robust strategy in hand, businesses tend to only calculate their marketing budgets mostly depending on the previous year’s budget or on which business line had a recent successful quarter. A company’s choice of analytics options should be supported by its broader strategy. In order to improve MROI, organisations need to evaluate factors that actually drive sales from which channel their audience is interacting. Implementing the best marketing analytics solution is the best way forward.

Achieve higher ROI with PredictiVu’s marketing analytics

With PredictiVu’s marketing analytics service, marketers can achieve higher ROI by knowing what is effective in promoting conversions, brand awareness, or both. PredictiVu ensures customers witness more individualised, targeted ads that respond to their unique needs and interests.

Our approach to marketing analytics

PredictiVu assists businesses in comprehending the issue they are attempting to resolve or insight they are trying to glean. Creating a set of congruous benchmarks and using predictive analytics can help businesses plan successful campaign scenarios. PredictiVu assists businesses in accessing their present capabilities to identify their program’s weak points and help them strengthen it. The deployment of the marketing analytics tool is the final step, which gives companies a 360-degree view of their campaigns to make sure they are selecting the most effective strategy for moving clients along the sales funnel.




Marketing Spend and ROI Analysis
Spend your marketing budget wisely to quantify, maximise, identify, balance and predict outcomes to maximise ROI and accomplish your goals in the most economical manner.
Funnel and Conversion Modelling
Using advanced analytics techniques, adapt to changing conversion and funnel dynamics and improve your knowledge of buying journeys that convert prospects into paying customers.
Hyper Personalisation
Leverage real-time data and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide each user with more relevant content, product, and service information as per their unique situation and needs.
Social Media Listening
Using enhanced social media analytics, businesses can combine text, speech and customer sentiment analysis with business performance indicators and predictive analytics. Helps keep an eye out for recurring themes, new trends, and influencers in the making.
Omni Channel Attribution Modelling
Consumers currently travel through a multitude of touch points across the media mix before they make a purchase. Using this metric, businesses can assess the contribution of each marketing component to generate that final conversion.
Loyalty Program Analytics
Align with the connected consumer and use a customer lifetime value analysis to find the best consumers among your members.
Cross-Sell and Upsell Strategies
Using Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, identify the most profitable product combinations, customers most likely to purchase them, and the timing of their purchase to organise effective campaigns.
Know Your Customer
Involves comprehending customers to enable businesses to make wise commercial judgments.

Benefits of marketing analytics

According to two out of every three marketers, data-based decisions are

When surveyed, 32% of marketers cited marketing analytics and competitive insights as the most significant factors to support their marketing strategies.

Constituting 16 % of their annual budgets, marketing analytics is the top investment for marketers.

Leaders are 53 % more inclined to believe that machine learning (ML) helps marketing teams analyse data to determine the intentions of consumers.


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