AWS for the Retail Industry

The Challenge

With pricing pressure exerted by discounters, market disruption caused by competitors in ecommerce, and increased price transparency for customers, today’s retail industry presents significant hurdles from practically every angle. The effectiveness of conventional retail techniques has decreased over time.

Pain Points/The Opportunity

Customers today demand high degrees of personalisation at every single touchpoint and retailers want to meet or exceed their expectations. They want to provide customers with a more personalised targeted experience, and in turn, significantly increase revenue generated from their marketing efforts. However, given the variety of product options most retailers have to offer, delivering an experience relevant to each user is often extremely challenging.
Hyper-personalisation can significantly increase sales when done correctly. It allows retailers to design a one-of-a-kind client experience that boosts growth, delivers higher returns on investment and long-term customer value.

The Goal

What PredictiVu can do:

PredictiVu’s AWS-powered solutions can access and ingest data into its Decision Intelligence platform. Using unification techniques, it is possible to dive deep into asizable client base and provide a predictive view of customers. These solutions can deliver hyper-personalised, highly-targeted, marketing communication across the customer base.

Use AI and machine learning-based algorithms to derive insights from each customer's historical transactional data to get a more transparent view of customers in-store and online, risk of churn and brand and style preferences.


The Results

Using AWS Cloud solutions, retailers can create a 360-degree view of their customers on a unified platform, by combining disparate data sources that were housed in different silos.

Using AI to promote pertinent product recommendations, attract people who aren't as interested with great deals, and give them more products that they are already interested in.

Registering a growth of 28% in revenue per email sent and 20-30x the industry standard on return on ad spend (ROAS).

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