Will JioPhone take India’s telecom sector to the Next level?


Having already gained a strong foothold in the country with their previously launched and hugely successful device – JioPhone; along with competitive data plans, Reliance Industries has brought to India what other brands have not been able to – internet and telecom democracy. Now in partnership with Google, India is predicted to witness a historic disruption of its m-commerce industry with the hugely awaited JioPhone Next set to launch early September.

JioPhone Next, a Reliance Industries partnership with Google, is one that’s not just a game changer but also a status symbol of its own as it brings a country with a billion+ people closer, connected, and within reach. It is perhaps the most anticipated smartphone yet as it prepares to enter the Indian marketspace that is dominated by brands such as Redmi, Realme, Micromax, and more.

With over a 100 million JioPhone users as of 2021, Reliance Industries launch of its feature phone in 2017 has proved to be a mega success, especially during the era of smartphones. Will its successor, the JioPhone Next also lead the way? Powered with the latest Android OS, it is marketed to cater to India’s diverse economic sectors. This not only means that more Indians can own a smartphone, but it is also set to provide an enhanced sense of independence and progress that comes with foraying into online platforms. From the world of e-commerce, online payments, to other conveniences, this device is projected to bridge India’s technological divide. 

With its launch, Reliance Industries is set to leverage the online-offline balance by commissioning retailers to install Jio Mini point POS devices, and product displays that provide information and demos; a move that is warmly welcome. Besides, the partnership with Google also inspires many Indian brands to venture further into telecom technology that is affordable; thus giving the entire ecosystem the facelift it needs to compete at a global level. Heavily banking on towns and villages as their sales driving force, Reliance Industries not only aims to bring technology to more Indians and eventually also to other lower-income countries and markets, but is also set to get the ball rolling towards a smoother and faster transition to 5G.

How else is the JioPhone Next going to disrupt the smartphone marketspace?

Competitive Pricing: While the company is still tight lipped about the price of this phone, industry experts gauge that its pricing will break all previous records. Analysts predict an expected price under INR 5k; a price tag that is hugely competitive and a first for a smartphone. 

Robust Specifications and Features: Equipped with dual-sim connectivity, the JioPhone Next is a revolutionary device that has front and back cameras on a 5.5-inch LCD display, GPS, a 3000mAh battery, and more, all of which is powered by a Quad-core 1.4GHz processor. Available with an internal storage of 14GB that can be extended to 128 GB as well, here is a device that has it all and more.

Optimized OS: Created to run on the latest version of Android, the phone is also backed by security updates and software upgrades, coupled with features such as Google Assistant, language translation, augmented reality filters, and much more.

Easy Finance: Not only is its price tag pocket-friendly, but it also comes along with no-cost EMIs for 6 months and a down payment of 10%. With a reported tie-up with 5 banks ahead of its launch, Reliance Industries aims to sell up to 5 crore JioPhone Next units in the next six months.

With a country of approximately 320 million feature phone users, the arrival of JioPhone Next could be a game changer for consumers and the industry alike. A device that is touted to break records and barriers, here comes a phone that lessens the digital divide in a country poised to become more technologically connected than ever before.

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