More Digital Content Doesn’t Mean More Offline Sales: Reality Data Check


Can digital content and advertisement alone deliver offline sales in muti-brand retail channel? Marketing and advertising work – it’s just a question of how much and where it goes. Let’s do a data check on the ad walk!

Contestant 1: Vivo 
Vivo’s budget phones like Y20, Y20A & Y20 were the top selling phones for the brand in March 2021 in offline stores in India with almost negligible digital marketing and content for these models. 
Data Takeaway: If you’ve signed up for an IPL sponsorship for Rs 440 crores, you don’t need to spend on digital media at the same time.

Contestant 2: Oppo
Oppo invested heavily on digital content and had 19% share of the digital content created in smartphone category largely due to the launch of F19 Pro in March. It made a cool video with brand ambassador Varun Dhawan and talked up the Flaunt quotient of this phone targeting creators and youth. However, the model could account for close to 3% in the total offline sale of the brand for March.

Overall, however, Oppo did well and took the second spot in offline sales despite having earned only a 9% engagement rate on their digital content.
Data Takeaway: Digital content and spend for launch does not show immediate results. Will sales for F19 Pro Series pick-up in April? Stay tuned for our next update. 

Contestant 3: Samsung
Samsung had the second highest digital content share – 17%. But this still puts them only in the third spot in brand sales.

A bright data spot for them is that Samsung’s M11 model released in mid-2020 is the second most sold phone in March with almost negligible share in digital media.
Data Takeaway: Digital spends are not the only factor in brand sales. Rather than allocate more budgets to digital marketing channels, Samsung should introspect on other aspects of their business: customer service, R&D, retail distribution and see their connect to sales impact. 
And the biggest digital ad spender is now sashaying up the adway – I know you’re all eagerly waiting to see who it is!

Contestant 4: Xiaomi
Xiaomi’s has one of the most aggressive marketing strategies and has the highest share of digital content – but it couldn’t translate into offline sales, though they still lead the online sales charts. 

Vivo with much lower share   – but backed by its IPL might had the highest number of smartphones sold in March.
Data Takeaway: Digital alone does not drive sales, particularly during IPL season. 

Some of the bestselling models actually don’t spend a lot on digital ads, so we can safely say there is not always a correlation between share of digital content and sales. With Predictivu’s easy to analyse verified and current market data we can test the hypothesis that more digital presence delivers more sales. 

Just studying this report can change spend behaviour so maybe brands will tinker with their digital content & spends and next month’s ad walk will have a totally different set of winners! Watch this space. 

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